t twelve years old, Rose was taken away from her family and forced to battle alongside members of the Lord’s Resistance Army. She was given to a man to be his wife, and bore him three children whom she carried with her as she fought against the Ugandan government. War was her life for nine years, as she and her children faced starvation, beatings, and heavy labor. Death was as much a part of her experience as life itself, and only after incredible providence was she able to escape and return home.

However, members of the community often persecute former abductees, and Rose’s case was no different. She and her three children have faced continual mistreatment, and have struggled to regain footing. Mend provides a form of sanctuary for her, allowing her to work hand-in-hand with other women who have shared similar circumstances. For Rose, Mend means rebuilding.

Last year, Rose completed primary school, passing her exams to enter into secondary school. Now she is looking forward to learning how to use a computer and one day achieving her goal of becoming a lawyer. But Rose is not the only one in school: all four of her children, Vicky, David, Dorothy, and Mercy are in primary school!

Find out more about Mend here: mend.co/
Purchase Mend products here: invisiblechildrenstore.myshopify.com/

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