KITES OVER MALVERN from "Songs of Awe and Wonder"

Music by Andrew Webb-Mitchell
Words by Joanna Boulter

Hui Jin, tenor
Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
Mikel Toms, conductor


The music lingers in the air
and sings on the wind that I hear all around;
I know its voice.
It lifts the line of the hill,
the phrases singing the landscape alive.

Turf and soil and rock
hear and rouse themselves to wake.

Suddenly the winds are strengthening
as they curve to the crest of the rise;
the kites rejoice.
My hand controlling the string
my kite up there in the mystical sky,
and now it's riding the rising air,
the sway of the breeze and the swell of its breath.
They soar and glide and soar again
high as all my hopes could ever be,

an airy spiralling of sound
raising my soul to ecstasy.

The string is taut and I'm tuning in
my heartstrings to the harmony,
the soul of universal sound;
the kites are reeling in
that cosmic symphony that's all around.

I watch them soaring skywards,
and hold myself in readiness
to trace the enigmatic artistry
that nature shows to us,
and I transcribe afresh in mastery.

My feet are steady here on earth,
turbulent air goes surging high.

They soar and glide and soar again
climbing high then turning on the wing,
an airy spiralling of sound
pitched to a heavenly echoing.

The string is taut, harmonics haunt the air
vibrating in the atmosphere
and now they resonate in me,
and I repeat their song,
become a sounding board for what I hear.

And there's the tower below me:
it lifts the city's heart and soul,
and indicates the journey heavenwards
that man and music make
to take me mounting high in rhapsody.
A mighty orchestra of chords,
jubilant echoes flying high.

And when I soar to greater heights
this is where my heart takes up its stay
and I will stand in memory
where air sings nobilmente.

The hills sound forth their deep chorale
in grand mysterious harmony
that rings through all eternity.

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