"In contrast to civil war, which signifies the breakdown of the apparatus of the state, social war is the low-intensity war by the state against the social relationships of its own population in order to maintain its continued existence. The social war then encompasses the totality of everyday life: To be alive today is to be at war, to never sleep properly, to awaken at odd hours to work, to be constantly surrounded by surveillance and police. A further recital of the various symptoms is unnecessary. Unlike in military war, demands of any kind are futile: demands would only make sense as long as the social war was limited in time and space, yet the capitalist form of life today encompasses the entire globe and imagines its reproduction extending into the infinite future."

Directed by Tasos Sagris

Edited by Alkistis Kafetzi

Music by George Kouvaras

Feat. global movement videos from all over the world
and handcamera footages from Athens riots during summer 2011 by Markos Gounelas / Alkistis Kefatzi

"Global Civil War" created as a part of the drama play shows "Dying As Country", written by Dimitris Dimitriadis / directed by Tasos Sagris / produced by +the Institute [for Experimental Arts ] and Void Network during 2012

The film included at the official programme of European Media Art Festival 2014 / Germany

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