Short film/music video 'VISKRA'.
Artist: Fredrik
Label: The Kora Records, US

Directed, shot and edited by Iris Piers/NR

In november 2008 Iris Piers/NR teamed up with soundartist Lindefelt, Swedish band Fredrik and producer-curator Julia Björnberg to create the short film 'Viskra'.

'Viskra' is recorded on super 8 film. Its structure is based on a fictional fable, in which animals that are native to the Scandinavian fauna take the shape of 6 humans and perform a midwinter ritual.

Viskra has been screened at many places. It was screened as part of the Sonic Youth exhibition in Malmö Konsthall, at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, at the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm and Skånes Konstförening in Malmö, amongst others.

Written, directed and edited by: Iris Piers
Sound design: Lindefelt
Music: Lindefelt/Hultin
Producer: Julia Björnberg
Co-production: Film i Skåne, Film i Dalarna, Filmcentrum Syd, Kulturnämnden Malung-Sälen.
Production Company: Fabrik
Production Country: Sweden
Production Year: 2009

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