We are very thrilled to announce the official release of the Festival's latest trailer.
This year's trailer makes reference to many classic Stop Motion films. We encourage to test your knowledge of the art form and see how many can you spot.

We would like to thank the whole production team behind this amazing film:

Directors: Luc Chamberland and Pierre M. Trudeau,
Animators: Pierre M. Trudeau and Luc Chamberland,
Assistant Animator: Claire Brognez,
Armature maker: Erik Goulet
Compositor: Jean-Francois Levesque,
Assistant Compositor and Graphics: Marie Bloch Lainé,
Sound Design and Mix: Luigi Allemano,
Original Music: Luigi Allemano,
Assistant Sound Editor and Foley Artist: Jennifer Tannahill,
Producer: Elène Dallaire,
Muse: Erik Goulet
Special guest appearance by Marie-Pierre Longpré.

Have a look and share with your friends!

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