The big boys are all gathering this week…in St. Petersburg, Russia! The G-20 aka the Group of 20 are the world’s biggest 20 economies that send their actual heads of state to pow-wow once a year over all matters fiscal, economic…and sometimes even political! And that certainly will be the case this year in Russia, as the SYrian situation deepens, the US is contemplating action, a move that the Russians will certainly try to discourage. WHile they mostly are a talking shop of world economy, this summit is going to be getting Syri-ous on military maneuvers as well! Watch out Obama! Putin has home field advantage!

And now the meeting is on! Russia and US may be pissed at each other with no progress being made on the Syria situation...but others are being productive! CHina and Japan also meeting to attempt to solve some disputes. Check out the latest:
Syria strike debate overshadows G20 summit

War of words between Russia, U.S. on Syrian crisis heats up

China, Japan leaders Xi and Abe meet at G20

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