The brilliant lecture of Lars Drudgaard at the Open Mind Conference 2012 in Denmark, took the audience through a breathtaking journey through the history of the development of the techniques and technologies used in what ICAACT calls “remote influencing technologies”.

In his presentation he uses images, music and video to illustrate and create an overview of an area of behavior and brain research that is often ignored, not only because of its complexity and dangers, but because of its many innocent victims, that too often have been children.

First he starts out with a brief overview of the milestones of behavioral research; then he moves on to the precursors of the infamous MKULTRA series of programs and their history, capabilities and outcomes. Later he covers how these programs progressed into the 21st century after being exposed. And last, he talks about contemporary research in the areas of Neuroscience, RFID-Implants, BCI’s, Remote Interrogation, and Behavior Modification.

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