The graduation project of Falco Verholen aka lifemachine.

video art, fine art, illustration, graphic novels, photography and fiction at

Honeyblood on Facebook:



Roland Westgeest as Daniel
Andy Michiels as Alistair


music by Oneiroid Psychosis and Asmorod:


* links *

co-director Tess Lowenhardt:

director of photography Ralph Lindsen:

wolf dog provider and people trainer Jeroen van Deelen:

kimono expert Linda Kole:

the portfolio of Liesther TIpker:

the one-girl game studio of Sherida Halatoe:

the art of Natasja van Gestel:

the portfolio of Shanna Paulissen:
HAL16 / creative and cultural centre in Utrecht:

Natuurmonumenten / Loonse en Drunense Duinen:

HKU interfacultary fund:


a big thanks to the cast, crew and every supporter who has helped making Honeyblood possible!

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