“The images that words generate in our minds are one thing; the memory of an old object used once upon a time is another. But imagination and memory have a strong affinity and this is the basis of the affinity between the novel and the museum."

Orhan Pamuk, The Innocence of Objects (from The Museum of Innocence)
- - -

For our 1st year "Dust Project" in MA Animation at the Royal College of Art, we were given the brief of choosing a particular archive and using an aspect of it -or the whole- to make a film. Instead I made objects.

I've always been interested in the process of choosing materials and making things with them, not necessarily useful things. Ordinary things, rare things, fun things, boring things. So for the Dust Project, I ended up building small-scale machines which I call connect-to-me objects. Each of these machines were planned individually to refer to a particular portion of the whole story I have written. The parts are about departure, about missing yet forgetting, about return, and every single feeling in between.

Each object would be designed in such manner hoping that the audience would relate to a particular moment or memory in their lives. The objects are planned to be exhibited including a small excerpt from the stories written for them. One thing that the audience wouldn't really know would be to what extent the story is from memory, or is imaginary.

This is the first brief introduction of two of my dear, rare objects; objects that connect you, to me.

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