ALTERNATIVE is a short film that was made in seven days as a part of a film competition called Corpus Christi 7 Day (CC7D). For those who aren't familiar with film competitions, this film had to be written, filmed, edited, and composed within the 7 day time period. This stresses creativity, and limits what someone can accomplish. However, it shows filmmakers what they are able to create in a short amount of time and under pressure.

The film was required to be 8 minutes or less, with an additional 30 second limit for credits.
All film making teams were required to use the same three elements in each film.
These elements are:
Line of dialog - "It's not the heat, it's how hot it feels."
Use of prop - Seashell
Use of character - Lena, who drops the ball (figurativly or literally).

Our experience:
We finished writing the film late at night on the first day, and early on the second day we began production. The first day of production (day 2 of competition) we only had about 1 hour of rehearsal, and then jumped straight into shooting. The cast had never seen the final draft until then. After rehearsal, it was an eight hour filming day and we finished all of the interiors. The second day of production (day 3 of competition) was a five hour filming day for the exteriors. Day 4 and 5 was for editing and cutting the film together. Day 6 was used for coloring and composing music. The coloring was done to add a sort of unsettling feel throughout the film. We didn't want a drastic change in the look, but just enough to make it feel a little less polished for an action film. The colorist added film noise to take away the clean DSLR feel, and washed out some of the color in a few of the scenes, especially the introduction. The music was written and developed on the same day within 12 hours, and was able to include different styles throughout the film. Finally, day seven was used for last minute changes, and for exporting.

This was defiantly an experience to test talent, strength, and a filmmaker's mind.

If you have any more questions about the process or the film, feel free to ask in the comments.

Directed by - James Rubin
Written by - Jordan Essary, James Rubin
Cinematography - Jordan Essary
Audio Grip - Megan Bercaw
Edited by - Jordan Essary
Colorist - Matthew Scherer
Music by - James Rubin

Sonny - Matthew Scherer
Remo - Rob Ellis
Lena - Megan Bercaw

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