Shahabuddin Khan, PML-N MNA from Bajaur Agency (NA-44) made the following remarks on the floor of the National Assembly in July 2011:

According to Article 1 of the Constitution of Pakistan, FATA is a part of Pakistan. However, according to Article 247, it is a separate State.

We are still ruled according to the same laws (referring to the Frontier Crimes regulation, or FCR) that were implemented before Pakistan’s existence. An unelected representative, the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, governs us. Similarly, the FATA Secretariat--where the bureaucracy holds ground--is supreme in FATA.

FATA people are being made slaves in the name of customs, but customs cannot replace laws. Show of weapons, lawlessness, absence of Supreme Court and High Court jurisdiction, unimplemented Political Parties Order extension, and other issues all are examples.

Sub-section of Article 247 stipulates that FATA or any of it can be made a settle area with the consultation of a Jirga by the President of Pakistan.

FATA has not been given the NFC (National Finance Commission) award. Similarly FATA is being kept deprived of the developmental funds given by the United States.

The political agent (PA) in FATA is the holder of three-pronged powers: legislative, judicial and executive. In addition, he is also the police chief of the agency (district).

The members of the National Assembly from FATA can legislate for the whole of Pakistan except FATA.

If the situation is not rectified and we are not given our due rights--as the whole of Pakistan enjoys--it will be tantamount to pushing us back further into the darkness.

FATA is a frontline in war but it gets disparity in return. The FCR is not a law but a set of procedures. I appeal to the entire National Assembly to repeal FCR altogether.


Shahabuddin Khan was born on Feb 22, 1970, in the area of Pashat Salarzai Bajaur Agency.According To Sources He got his early education from the famous institute Islamia Collegiate Peshawar. He did his bachelor's from The University Of Peshawar. And later got his Law Level from Islamia Law College Peshawar.He began his governmental profession(politics) after finishing his L.L.B, and was chosen as the Chairman of Qabailee Aman Jirga.

Along with Professional political figures like Ajmal Khattak, Latif Afridi and Arbab Ayub Jan restablished the Awami National Party Pakistan. Khan was elected as the Vice President of National Awami Party. During the 2002 selection interval when Farooq Ahmad Khan Laghari established The National Alliance, Khan was chosen as the Vice Chairman of National Alliance.Later on when NAPP combined into Awami Nationwide Celebration he was chosen as a participant Main Professional Panel of the A.N.P. Khan was the only M.N.A from A.N.P during the Musharraf program. But later on due to some individual disputes with the authority of A.N.P. Khan left A.N.P and joind P.M.L(Q) and was elected as Central Vice President.

Khan is also the present Chief of Salarzai, and performed a powerful part in battling the Taliban and stayed in Bajaur while other governmental management were fleeing from the place he remained with his individuals and he leads the anti-Taliban lashkar.

He was awarded with a courage prize during the Operation Sher Dil.Khans's primary battle throughout his governmental profession was to 100% free the tribe places of the age groups old defamed FCR (Frontier Crimes Regulation) however these days Khan's primary concentrate is to keep the serenity of the place and totally exempt from miscreants, and on other non governmental problems such as the well being of the Taliban sufferers and social power of the inadequate inhabitants of the place.

Khan is also awarded with the title of Fakhr-E-Bajaur by the Civil authorities by a unanimous demand by the elders of Bajaur in a Grand Jirga.


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