This is a grading demonstration using the Hawaiki Color filter with Final Cut Pro X. This cut includes two examples - the final grade and the grade split with the source. The final version uses the Hawaiki filter, plus FilmConvert Pro (KD5207 Vis3 preset, 30% color, 100% 35mm grain) and a vignette created in the FCP X color board. My intent was to end up with a look reminiscent of 1970s-era vintage film.

In the second split-screen cut, the Hawaiki controls have been left enabled, but the FilmConvert filter and the vignette are disabled. This will demonstrate the swing of the grade compared to the starting point. Unfortunately, the on-screen control pucks cannot be displayed in a rendered file, so there will be no indication of the color balance changes made on the color wheel controls.

The source clip was made available by Philip Bloom and was filmed using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera recorded as ProResHQ with a BMD Film preset.

The original version may be found here:

Dir/DP/Editor - Philip Bloom

Oliver Peters - Colorist

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