This video was produced for the exhibition "Skagen mellan de två haven" (Skagen between the two seas) at Eriksbergshallen 1996. It was a video installation for three 4x3 screens, at the exhibition the three screens were multiplied to 18 screens. The purpose was to give the audience an magnificent experience of Skagen. The video was looping non-stop. Some sequences are inspired by the Skagen artists who created paintings round the turn of the century 1900. The film is old but still very beautiful one of my favorit productions.
Here on Vimeo the gap between the images are less than it was at the exhibition

Old school production.
It was shoot with three Sony VX1000 on a specially made rig and with one single Sony Beta SP. The offline editing was made with Media 100 using three different timelines. It was not possible to watch the three timelines at the same time. The online edit was made with two Sony Digital Betacam taperecorders.

Jan Brånå - Director, photographer and offline editing.
Anders Bryngel - Photographer and operator of the three Sony VX1000
Peter Wiberg - Soundtrack
Per Wallin Rönneke - Online editing
Agnes Backegård - First assistent
Gunilla Brånå - Second assistent

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