Produced by Fastpitch.TV - This week we have part two of a clinic by David Williams, Keep Your Head In The Game.
In this episode of Fastptich TV we once again join Coach Dave Williams at Softball Con as he talks to coaches and players about keeping their head in the game.

In every fastpitch softball game there is more to consider than your team’s performance. It is equally important to check the size of the field you play on, also check the grass if it is longer it will roll slower and if it’s short it will play faster. These factors are critical to evaluate and pass on to your outfield and allow them to play with a competitive edge. Elements also play an important role, wet balls require clean throws and can give you an advantage for stealing.

Dave Williams has provided coaches and players a wealth of information on what he looks at and takes into consideration when coaching his team. Communication is extremely important and repetition is always necessary. He breaks down the responsibility of each coach and what they must know.

This episode is packed full of game strategies for every situation. You don’t want to miss this episode of Fastpitch TV.

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