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After being mesmerized by the small amounts of footage available showing off the 18-35/1.8, I was finally able to trade out some Canon glass for it and it arrived last week. Getting to know the lens over the holiday weekend followed.

This footage is from the 2.5K Blackmagic Camera, around town and BTS style on a pick-up shoot for my friends Feature Film, where a host of Canon glass was available to glance at as well. Thus, the 70-200/2.8 II IS USM comes into play.

Everything was shot without a rig, just a top handle, and without my TV-Logic 5.6" which I usually use to focus and frame, and add some stability to the handheld. It was on the Epic that you see in some of the frames.

The first half of the video is all the 18-35/1.8 Sigma with the exception of three shots, which was the 85/1.8 Canon that I still own. The second half is the 70-200/2.8 Canon with IS on, and you can tell because everything's telephoto and smooth as heck.

Then it jumps back out to the 18-35/1.8, which is jarring because it's shaky due to the lack of a rig and the lens being quite heavy.

About the Color: it was all done with a LUT I'm building (CometLOG) and bounces between "as shot" or the lens' natural look, to a warmer version. This is done on purpose, so that you can see it's easy to take either of these lenses basic characteristics and move them toward something else that's still pleasant but with character.

My goal was not a consistent grade for such a long assessment, but just to see the images either lens produces.

Final thoughts:

Sigma 18-35/1.8 is a very honest lens. It's sharp as heck wide open and sharper stopped down, equivalent range of 24-70 on the 2.5K camera and produces very solid, mostly accurate color at all apertures.

It provides a good base that aligns with my preferences. It may not be for everyone, though, as it is a modern, clean, neutral look out of the box.

Canon 70-200/2.8 II IS USM is amazing, but I already knew that from having played with it on the camera before. This just rekindled my love for the lens, and makes me wish I could afford to own one. I would likely use it on every shoot if possible. It also reminds me that IS is an important forward step in filmmaking, and makes me look forward to the rumored Sigma 24-70/2 IS lens.

Canon 85/1.8... this lens I barely use but it has a very similar image to the 70-200/2.8 which makes me happy. I'm not sure how I overlooked this lens for so long, a good year in fact, but now I think I'll be repurchasing a 50/1.4 Canon.

That's all for me!
Tech Details:

Blackmagic EF-2.5K
ProRes LOG (Film Mode)
Tiffen IR ND 1.8 (most of the time)
Sandisk 240GB SSD
No external power
Sigma 18-35/1.8 mostly between 1.8 and 5.6
Canon 70-200/2.8 @ 2.8
Canon 85/1.4 @ 4 (for two to three shots at the pool)

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