Bringing the emotional world of books to life in a memorable brand video.


Hachette is one of the world’s largest publishers. They produce high quality fiction and non-fiction for both adults and kids, covering genres such as self-help, memoirs, travel, history, pop culture, Australiana, lifestyle and sport.

We were asked to come on board to create a brand video to showcase the Hachette brand – a piece that would show both Hachette's prowess in the publishing industry, and the passion they feel for the books themselves. The finished product would premiere at Hachette's annual sales conference, but it would need to live beyond that as a general promotional piece too.


Books are emotional. They make us laugh and cry, they surprise us, and they leave us hungry for more. We wanted to make a video that tapped into these feelings; something that showed the power books have to affect us.


Our video placed a selection of Hachette books together in a domino formation. Then, in one powerful manoeuvre, the domino effect was triggered – and the camera chased the books as each one cascaded into the next.

The books were arranged in a specific sequence, along with real objects that related to each title or genre, and a rich, layered soundtrack designed to match. This meant the viewers were swept up and taken on a carefully planned, immersive journey of Hachette’s world, from the nail biting suspense of thrillers to colour and fun of kids’ classics.

The line that summed it all up? 'Stories that move you'.


The video was launched to a round of applause at Hachette's conference... and stay tuned, it will be up online soon.

Creative direction, art direction, installation: REBORN.
Sound design: Raphael May
Video production: Snake&Ladders

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