Animated and directed by Andreea Stan
Artist - Moby
Track - 18

Cat's Cradle is a broken dialogue,between two hands, based on a text which I wrote about a year ago:

Tonight I added again a bit of cold water to my hot tea. Before that night, I used to wait even 15 minutes for the tea to cool down. I thought it was another way to bring out the flavour, you said that you just wanted to make it drinkable. Without thinking about the reason why, now I always add the cold water. The night when I first saw you doing this, your shirt was blue and your watch golden. I remember you looked more beautiful than an angel and I kept wondering what you were doing in my hell. I remember your first question. I remember me answering it with a lie. I remember the red lining of your jacket, the first thing I noticed when I opened the door. I remember your sweetest smell. I remember the night when you became my favourite man. I remember your grace. And as I add some cold water to my tea again, I know there is still a little bit of you in me.

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