"Home is a lot more than shelter. A home is indispensable for human flourishing in every respect ... loss of home has catastrophic consequences for individuals and families, especially children." - Victorian Supreme Court judge Kevin Bell
'Anywhere but Here' explores the issues and reactions to suggestions made in documents released by the Department of Human Services, in consultation with auditing firm KPMG, in April 2012. The documents, 'Pathways to a Fair and Sustainable Social Housing System' and 'Social Housing: A Discussion Paper on the Options to Improve the Supply of Quality Housing', are designed to tackle Victoria's persistent public housing issues and a growing 35,000+ waiting list. However, the two papers raise issues of their own as concerns spread in the public housing community regarding suggestions of the privatisation of public housing stock, the shifting of public housing tenants into the private market, and the eviction of some of Victoria's most vulnerable people.
Directed by Vanessa Caitlin G. (portfolio.vcluxe.nu)
Produced by Manal Ali Sulaibeekh (twitter.com/m.sulaibeekh)
1st Assistant Director - Charmaine Foo (twitter.com/drunkonhelium)
Sound Mixer - Lupita Iluna (lupideluna.wordpress.com)
Executive Producers - Robin Plunkett & Paul Ritchard
We would like to thank everyone that shared their time and thoughts with us, and helped give voice to this documentary.
Anton Poles
Michael Aboujumdi
Kate Borland
John Kirkinis
Dante Priestley
Jay Priestley
Lee Ros
Margaret Guthrie
Charlotte Glen
Beau Glen
Pamela Judd
Mark O'Brien
Winnie Manirakiza
Olga Habonimana
Special Thanks to:
Tenants Union of Victoria, Friends of Public Housing Victoria, Victoria Public Tenants Association, Jeremy Dixon.
RMIT University, RMIT University Building 9 Technicians: Windsor Fick, Lachlan Stewart, David Stanley, Andy Donald Smith, Con Pothitos, Garvin Wu.
(Please see the end of the film for full credits!)
For information and updates on Victoria's public housing issues, please visit:
Friends of Public Housing (Victoria) 's Facebook page (Not affiliated)
Public Housing Watch (Not affiliated)
A Cut and Pace Production, © 2012.

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