SEEN & HERD presents the first fashion film collaboration by Wayne Schrengohst, Kelly Horrigan and Lee Free featuring Shelley Nicole of Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe with an original composition by Lee Free.

Seen & Herd is a fashion and culture blog inspired by the handiwork of fashion guru, Kelly Horrigan and her line of one-of-a-kind leather accessories, KHH | Kelly Horrigan Handmade. Kelly developed Seen & Herd in collaboration with her spouse, writer/musician, Lee Free to engage community around their work. The blog is a catalyst to subvert the standard ideals of beauty and fashion and to promote our work to a broadening audience. Instead of using models, we feature everyday people such as artists, activists, performers and restaurant managers. These subjects are people we know. Their personal histories become part of the narrative in the photographs along with interviews, which offer the viewer information about the subjects. The blog postings are a collaborative effort between artist, subject, photographer and writer.

Seen & Herd:
Performer: Shelley Nicole,
Cinematography: Wayne Schrengosht, Reel Wayne Productions,
Costume Design: Kelly Horrigan Handmade,
Original Score: Lee Free,
Production Assistant: Molly Glover

This film and the original leather costume will be on view as part of the "Fashion Studies" exhibition at Pratt Institute's Rubelle & Norman Schafler Gallery September 6 – December 12, 2013 in Brooklyn NY.

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