"Everything's looking good." Launch: All Systems Go provides stunning views of the space shuttles' ascent from main engine ignition through Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) separation. This movie is presented at 30 frames per second (fps) with onscreen captions; a list of alternative versions is included below.

Video footage was taken by NASA engineering and television cameras. Motion stabilization of long range shots provides excellent close-up views of the spacecraft in flight. Microphones positioned near the launch pad and aboard the orbiter captured the roar of the engines firing, the rush of air as the shuttle accelerates, and the explosive boom of SRB separation. The soundtrack also features mission audio from launch team members at the Kennedy Space Center, flight control personnel in Houston, and the astronauts in the shuttle.

The opening title sequence provides a slow motion view of the liftoff recorded by a camera on the Fixed Service Structure and played back at 1/4 speed. At T-0 the SRBs fire and the umbilical structure swings away from the external fuel tank. Water floods the Mobile Launcher Platform to absorb energy. There is a clear view of the exhaust plume as the shuttle rises above the pad.

The opening audio track includes an edited version of the pre-launch status check conducted by the NASA Test Director (NTD). Each team member gives the "go" for launch, ending with the NTD reporting back to the Launch Director. The status check is presented here in rapid succession. In actuality there is a brief discussion between the NTD and each team member.

Starting about 0:42 into the video the engine nozzles pivot to initiate the roll maneuver. At about 1:05 a vapor stream briefly trails off the top of the orbiter cockpit. From about 1:18-1:35 the body flap below the main engines can be seen vibrating as the shuttle approaches the region of maximum dynamic pressure. Starting at 1:27 shock waves are generated as the shuttle travels faster than the speed of sound. At 1:35 a dark patch forms on the bottom of the external fuel tank as recirculating gases from the SRBs burn the tank's insulating foam. The exhaust plume expands as the shuttle ascends because atmospheric pressure decreases at higher altitudes (1:56).

Launch: All Systems Go is available in the following formats:

Main sequence (25fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-25
- with subtitles (25fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-ce-25

Main sequence (30fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-30
- with subtitles (30fps): ---current view---

Split Screen: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-ss
Tech Edition: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-te

Higher bitrate copies of these videos are available for viewing and download at Internet Archive: archive.org/details/launch-asg.

This movie was developed in conjunction with Launch: Maximum Thrust -- a similar video that shows up to five synchronized camera views: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-maxt-ca.

Produced and edited by Ivan Myles. Footage provided by NASA courtesy of NASASpaceFlight.com, nasa.gov, Internet Archive, and SpaceFlightNowPlus.com. Video is from the televised broadcast of the STS-124 launch, and the "Best of the Best" feature produced by NASA's Glenn Research Center:


There are several audio sources including mission audio, flight control audio, launch broadcasts, a post-flight presentation, and the NASA launch sounds archive:


Distribution or presentation in whole or in part must be accompanied by all credits and notices, and must comply with guidelines for use of NASA imagery. MAY NOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES OR FUND RAISING, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO GENERATION OF ADVERTISING REVENUE. Persons depicted or speaking in this work appear for illustrative purposes only. No endorsement of any commercial product, process, or service is stated or implied. Presented without warranty, guarantee, or any representation regarding accuracy, performance, reliability, security, currentness, or otherwise. The producer, Profitic, content providers, and their members, officers, employees, agents, and/or suppliers shall not be liable to any person or entity for any damages, costs, or proceeding arising out of use of this work or otherwise.

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