This is the first serious Church based video I'd ever created. I was reading the end of Ephesians 3 (14-19) and felt compelled to make something. So i created the storyboard, booked a studio, found someone that knew how to work a camera, and we filmed this.

I asked many many people either in person, or in a message of some sort, to come to this. When they arrived, I read them the verse, and told them what God was teaching me about how truly huge God's love is. And how God still loves us while we are sinning. He doesn't approve, but it doesn't affect how he loves us. So I told them to take a piece of paper outside, and write out that sin or that struggle they have that they believe affects how God loves them.

I didn't know what to expect, and honestly thought that it might just be a bunch of "when I don't read the Bible"'s. One of the girls showed up with her mom, and i had known the family for 6+ years, even went on a few mission trips with them, and the girl was about 14 years old. I told them everything, and they went outside. When she came back in, the Mom was holding her close, and i was in "video guy director" mode, and was upbeat and stuff, and said "you ready?". then i looked down at what she wrote, and realized how important it was for me to see it, and for her to write it. She had never openly told people before this.

That's when I knew i needed to do this from now on. This is the video that got me to start a company to share the good news.

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