"Everything's looking good." Launch: All Systems Go provides stunning views of the space shuttles' ascent from main engine ignition through Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) separation. This movie is presented with two simultaneous camera views; a list of alternative versions is included below.

The following discussion describes the supplemental video (right). Please refer to the Tech Edition for additional notes regarding the main video sequence (left). This information is based on material found in Wikipedia and the sources listed below.

0:00 - (Opening title sequence) The Ground Umbilical Carrier Plate swings away from the external fuel tank as the booster rockets detonate.

0:20 - View from SRB-mounted camera as the sound suppression system is activated at T-16 seconds. Water floods the launch pad to absorb energy and protect the shuttle and its payload.

0:26 - View of the Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs). At T-10 seconds the Free Hydrogen Burn Off System is activated to prevent accumulation of unburnt fuel. The three main engines fire at 0.12 second intervals starting at T-6.6 seconds.

0:31 - The thrust of the main engines causes the shuttle to tilt forward. SRBs ignite when the vehicle rocks back to a vertical position.

0:41 - View through the orbiter's overhead window.

0:57 - Forward view from the cockpit looking over the nose of the orbiter and the external tank.

1:01 - This view from a helicopter captures the shuttle's speed and rapid acceleration as it ascends.

1:43 - SRB-mounted camera looking forward shows the sky transitioning from blue to black. The "limb of the Earth" refers to the blue halo that appears when the atmosphere is viewed from the side.

2:21 - SRB-mounted camera looking back toward the Earth shows the exhaust plume rising above the clouds.

2:36 - View from the cockpit as the booster separation motors fire.

2:40 - Two minutes into the flight at an altitude of 146,000 ft (28 miles, 45 km) the SRBs are jettisoned from the shuttle when the diminishing thrust is neutralized by the weight of the rockets.

2:43 - Although the SRBs appear to be falling away from the shuttle, the rockets continue to ascend for another 75 seconds to an altitude of 220,000 ft.

2:45 - After SRB separation the shuttle rolls slightly and the orbiter's maneuvering engines fire to provide additional thrust.

Launch: All Systems Go is available in the following formats:

Main sequence (25fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-25
- with subtitles (25fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-ce-25

Main sequence (30fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-30
- with subtitles (30fps): vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-ce-30

Split Screen: ---current view---
Tech Edition: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-te

Higher bitrate copies of these videos are available for viewing and download at Internet Archive: archive.org/details/launch-asg.

This movie was developed in conjunction with Launch: Maximum Thrust -- a similar video that shows up to five synchronized camera views simultaneously: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-maxt-ca.

Produced and edited by Ivan Myles. Footage provided by NASA courtesy of NASASpaceFlight.com, nasa.gov, Internet Archive, and SpaceFlightNowPlus.com. Supplemental video (right) is available from the following sources:

spaceflightnowplus.com/content.php?i=6208 (login required)

Please refer to the opening title sequence clip for links to the other source content: vimeo.com/profitic/launch-asg-op.

Distribution or presentation in whole or in part must be accompanied by all credits and notices, and must comply with guidelines for use of NASA imagery. MAY NOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES OR FUND RAISING, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO GENERATION OF ADVERTISING REVENUE. Persons depicted or speaking in this work appear for illustrative purposes only. No endorsement of any commercial product, process, or service is stated or implied. Presented without warranty, guarantee, or any representation regarding accuracy, performance, reliability, security, currentness, or otherwise. The producer, Profitic, content providers, and their members, officers, employees, agents, and/or suppliers shall not be liable to any person or entity for any damages, costs, or proceeding arising out of use of this work or otherwise.

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