"The Time is at Hand" Rev 1:3
Revelation of Jesus Christ Part 11| rp-090313-revelation-pt11
Today on the show we will be featuring Revelation of Jesus Christ Part 11 "The Finale", which covers Rev 21-22. Indeed this Climax. We see all things new, the bride, the Lambs wife, and the nations of them saved. Moreover we see the restoration and healing of the nations, Here we see the book is not to be sealed, but open for all to read and understand. In the finale we find the invitation to come still stands.
In conclusion we will cover the Marching orders and again the blessings and curses. Now, walk in the midst of the events which shall trigger the full and complete revealing of both the Beast and the Absolute King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ; Yeshua Ha Massiach!
Keywords: New heavens, new earth, Jerusalem, mother of us all, Lambs wife, former things, Nations saved, Alpha and Omega, Spirit, Bride, Restoration, healing of nations, Warnings, Revelation, watchman, warn radio, remnant, faith, hope, redemption
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