"A new addiction is sweeping across the youth of south-western Michigan, and LIVE WITH JUSTIN GREEN is here to tell you why! Join us, and intrepid reporter Kylé Shialdse, as we pursue the truth with hard hitting interviews and shocking exposés uncovering startling revelations!"

This was the description on the back of a long forgotten VHS tape found deep in the Evan David Productions Vault earlier this week. Now, with modern day video transfer technology, (a camera pointed at the TV screen) this once great piece of investigative journalism is yours to enjoy all over again. For the first time.

This Report (Circa Summer 2010) features such classic talents as
Kyle Shields
Justin Green
Matt Johnson
Jeff Mann aka "Spanky"
Trevor Jones
Ralph Caleb Bonesteel
Austin Herdklotz
Jimmy Lori Herdklotz's son Bradley Herdklotz
Shawna Loveing
Lauren Alicia DeLeary
Brooke DeLeary
Tommee Profitt
and Byron Paulus

Also featuring the voice talents of Brennan Miller

and cameo appearances by Cameron Herdklotz, Ethan and Lily Finch

Directed, Produced, and Edited by Evan David

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