Iniciativa diseñada para activar la espontaneidad de los viandantes. Siempre es difícil romper con lo establecido y dar el primer paso. Siempre ha habido gente que se ha atrevido a tirarse a la piscina y se le ha tachado por ello, pero esta vez era lo necesario, lo importante, lo imprescindible. Colocados en posición de salida, nadie movía un ápice hasta que el espontáneo decidía dar la voz de salida.


Action made to activate the spontaneity attitude of the people. It is always difficult to break the non-written rules, To give the first step front and so often the one who does it is mark as a weird but this time was different, they were the essentials. We were on our marks, ready to go like Usain, but no body moves until someone else shoot a voice like: GOOOOOOO!

Here we go with a short teaser about what was this wonderful morning and what It will be a nice video with the best moments of that day. Enjoy it!

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