A while back I was told to always purchase the same brand of lenses in order to build a collection that was cohesive. The idea is that using different brands or even lines from the same brand would yield inconsistent footage which would be challenging to cut and grade.

Recently, I had an opportunity to go and shoot some footage with a bunch of different lenses, both modern and vintage. I wanted to see for myself how much the lenses would differ in look and "vibe."

This is not meant to be a technical and scientific shootout, merely a quick and dirty comparison to see how much of a variance there really is. It's also a useful reference for anyone interested in seeing how different focal lengths affect the image captured by the camera.

I realize that all of the shots are taken at a very high f-stop which tends to downplay the weaknesses of the lenses., unfortunately it was extremely sunny that day and we didn't have any ND filters handy...as I said, quick and dirty.

Hopefully this is somewhat useful to some of you. All the footage was shot with a Canon 5DmkIII shooting Magic Lantern raw at 1920x1080 at 24fps on a pair of Komputerbay 1000X 64gig CF cards. The footage was brought into DaVinci Resolve as DNG sequences, and Hunter's LUT was applied to all the footage to get a useful grade.


Many special thanks to David Thomas who brought out his collection of lenses to test out...he's awesome!



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