This video shows our short "TRIO" outing around the city of San Francisco, CA. The main special occasion was to hangout/eat lunch at the Waterbar just along the Embarcadero with Loraine's roommate, Sôcôla Sữa. (Wednesday, August 28, 2013)

In the video, it first shows us cross the Bay Bridge. By the way, this was our last time to cross the "old" eastern span of the bridge before they close the bridge in both directions coming around 8 p.m. the same evening. You can see the new, single-suspension eastern span of the bridge on the right. We then went through the Yerba Buena Island tunnel and continued onto the western span of the Bay Bridge...taking in the views of the SF skyline and the SF Bay Area. We then exited right after the bridge and headed onto the Embarcadero and finally shortly after arrived to the Waterbar, our final destination.

It was a beautiful restaurant/bar, with the Bay Bridge in perfect view just outside the windows. It's neat how they also got aquarium pillars as well. A few pics/video clips were shown during our lunch inside the restaurant. They served free bread with butter. Mimi (Sôcôla Sữa) didn't arrive till later since she was just coming from a meeting. It was also happy hour around the time as well, so we got quite a few oysters! It was delicious. I got a main course of Monterey Bay Sardines. For a drink, I got the Apple Breeze. For dessert, me and my cousin shared an ice cream sandwich.

After lunch, we headed out and took a few pics along the Embarcadero with the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. We then headed home after taking a few pics... It was a short but fun outing around the city with the TRIO and Mimi :)

**Of all times, we managed to head to the city on a perfect day since we had driven over the old eastern span of the Bay Bridge one last time before they had closed it for good coming around 8 p.m. that same evening in prep for the new, single-suspension eastern span that was set to open just after the Labor Day weekend! We didn't know about this until later this evening :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your summer vacation!

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