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Hi there, my name is James Craddock with EWF Marketing and I have done something unprecedented.

How would you like to go behind the scenes of an Internet Marketing firm to witness the platform we built to deploy our content as authors, coaches, seminar speakers, and online information product creators?

Would you like to see what we have produced, hear our insights and discover the logic behind our platform?

Would it serve you to have a 3-hour guided tour of how an Internet Marketing Company plans to grow from a startup to $10 Million in 2014?

We initially made this video to explain the platform to our current investors. The video was created to carry them through the process of understanding the business and to make them aware of the incredible opportunities in this industry.

Well, we realized that such a thorough documentation of such a mammoth funnel (and trust me, we didn't get it ALL in there...) shouldn't go to waste. So once it served its original purpose we decided to share with anyone who could benefit from it.

What you are about to witness is the result of many months of our team building a platform and a monster funnel to capitalize on multiple areas of content marketing. The purpose of our funnel is to create content once and then repurpose it in multiple channels to produce everything from interest in our programs to partnerships, and of course... income. We are very transparent about this.

If this video serves you and gives you some insights to help you in your business, please share it using the share links and feel free to send it out to your list as a "bonus video."

Our EWF Perspectives - Marketing broadcast is filled with many of our strategies and processes documented on video as well as our FREE training on the 8 characters that impact your marketing message. I strongly urge you to sign up members of your staff for the broadcast if you want to inspire a team of thinkers that can really move the needle for you.

We will be broadcasting videos on a regular basis so subscribe to our Social Platform and you'll soon discover the distance we will go to teach you as much as we can about how to leverage our favorite areas of interest (Marketing, Inner Game, and Creative Thinking) to produce massive income while broadcasting your message to the world.

We look forward to meeting you... Enjoy.

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