In testing the new $99 77 Puch E50 Super Clutch, we wanted to pit it against the highest end Puch clutch we could find. That took us to the $225 Trickmetric Hammer. Both clutches were setup as they were out of the box.

Gilardoni 74cc, Mikuni tm24, sidebleed treat pipe, 16x40 gearing, Hammer Clutch

Gilardoni 74cc, Mikuni tm24 Simonini, 16x38 gearing, 77 Super Clutch.

Riders are the same weight

Basic testing showed a slight advantage on the Super Clutch in all areas. It didn't crush the Trickmetric by any means, but at $125 cheaper, we are really happy with how it stacks up. We will be posting more videos as we get them. The first batch of clutches hit the site mid September.

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