Here's the second poem of the series, presented as an exploratory and melodic mix of sounds overlaid with the poetry of Sylvia Plath.

It's exciting to try new things! This video was my first attempt at using a movie editor software called Movavi. Well, as you can see from the quality of this video, I still have a long way to go when it comes to mastering video productions, LOL! :-D

I used the glow of a candle flame, oranges, and a notepad with the word "love" written in cursive script as props to create an other wordly look and feel.

But, I have to say I had a GREAT time creating this video in spirit with two truly memorable artists: Poet Sylvia Plath and Singer Lana Del Ray!

Sylvia Plath is one of my favorite poets...her work is visceral...shocking in a discrete way, like a sultry look from beneath one's lashes...

And speaking of "sultry", Lana Del Ray has the kind of sad melodic sound that can truly convey the deep rooted woe that seeps in, unsuspecting, from this Sylvia Plath poem titled "Female Author".

As we all know, Sylvia Plath came to a sad end, but her work lives on still inspiring for its unnerving and haunting message. Hope you enjoy the video -- it came out as a rather odd piece of work, but entirely suitable to the poem's content.

* This video project will eventually consist of 10 short videos reciting my favorite poems. Each video is a visual representation of the poem's essence, of its meaning to me conveyed through images of physical objects surrounding me in everyday life. When seen in sequence, the videos will demonstrate my journey through these core poetic concepts:

1.) Mimesis: Representation
2.) Catharsis: Purification
3.) Peripeteia: Reversal
4.) Anagnorisis: Identification
5.) Hamartia: Tragic Flaw
6.) Ethos: Character
7.) Dianoia: Thought
8.) Lexis: Speech
9.) Melos: Melody
10.) Opsis: Spectacle

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