A Graduation Project of Evey Kwong (2013)

Concept + Design + Sound: Evey Kwong (
Programming: Daniel Böhmer (
Cinematography + Film Editing: Stephan Fallucchi (
Sound produced with Ableton Live
Many Thanks to Max Schneider (

What would a written character or a letter sound like without represented by spoken words? TONELETTERS is designed for letters for sound’s sake, providing an audio and visual experience.

Embracing the abstraction of the visual music art movement of the 20th Century, the curiosity lies in the less explored field: fonts, experimental music and kinetics. The idea of TONELETTERS itself also invites users to rethink on the purpose of writing; writing a text as tune instead of writing a text as text. Which makes the application even more interesting for exploration.

Unlike other apps that try to recreate real life instruments or interaction concepts from traditional computers, TONELETTERS is built as a prototype for touch screen devices, mainly the iPad. We saw many intuitive possibilities and ideas to create sound progression and functions through touch screen devices. Due to the limitation of iOS Safari Browser in terms of speed, we look forward to develop it as an App in the near future in order to bring more fun for the people who wish to be more involved in the wonderful world of sound!

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