00:00:00;00 - Love in a Laundromat
00:00:05;00 - Cold Dog
00:00:10;00 - Bird
00:00:15;00 - Sink
00:00:20;00 - Cigarette

Shot with a Sony EX1 and edited with Sony Vegas.
CC with Magic Bullet.

And my fav is probably the laundromat. I was out just shooting random stuff and didn't even notice the girl putting her head on the guys shoulder until I got home. One of those lucky moments. =)

For the Vimeo Project "5 Vinyettes" (called such because Blake can't spell!) Actually planning on using these in a longer montage of randomness that I've been shooting since getting the new cam. Only have around half of what I need but of course will post when it's finished.


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