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Special thanks to Nigel. And like I said in the video, there's no reason to take others' kindness for granted.

So by making this video, I hope I could delivery at least two points: One is my gratitude towards everyone who kept the whole event going smoothly that night; The other one is more abstract, sounds cliche but also true, which is the importance of love. In this particular event, it is not only those who will benefit from the food bank, but also all the international students are loved, just in different ways: Mrs. Todd, Nigel, Dick, Irene, David, Peter, Jennifer ( hopefully I didn't miss anyone else's name and of course I am not writing in specific order), they are locals who were willing to offer a fantastic Halloween; And we, by dressing up and "trick r eating", made our own contribution to the nonprofit organization in order to prevent people from hunger. I just realized it is pretty clever as well, a win-win.

Anyway, Be empathetic, sensitive, warmhearted and grateful. Never take things for granted. Take your first step toward loving others. And you will just truly amazed at what a wonderful world we are living in.

Thanks again, to everyone, for everything.


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