When Toby Mobbs was in primary school he set himself a goal, to tackle a project that would land him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

His original choice was a pogo stick record but a quick flip through the book showed that it was already taken, and a little beyond his reach with the record being 90km non-stop.

He then started work on what he hoped would be the world's biggest handmade pom pom.

The project started in Year 6 and wasn't completed until he had graduated primary school, high school and was about to start university.

It's a project that grew with him but one that ultimately didn't break a world record. While Toby was growing up and working on his pom pom, a school had worked together to set the world record. After an exchange with the Guinness World Records about his creation, Toby believes that his effort is the biggest individually made pom pom in the world.

With or without the record this is an uplifting story about starting a project and finishing it no matter how long it takes.

Additional photos - courtesy of the Mobbs family.
Video Credits – Sonya Gee, Open Producer, ABC Open Riverina NSW
Music - Big Bang Fuzz

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