(1996), 11'10"

"I glimpsed a man in a loincloth prone on the roadside, his right arm outstretched, a brown coconut at the end of his fingers. I watched how this glistening figure propelled himself. He placed a small cushion on the hot asphalt beside the coconut, prostrated himself with his middle on the cushion, reached for the coconut with his right hand and stretched his arm in an arc to put it at his fingertips' end, as a rugby player holds the ball for a goal-kicker. He rose, moved the cushion beside the coconut and repeated the process. Trucks roared inches from his head, horns shrieking, rocking his body. Every fifty yards or so, he left the coconut, walked back and retrieved his mobile temple. This was a four-wheeled cart, painted orange, decorated with pictures of gods and fitted with a cassette player and a battered red conical loudspeaker, a lamp and a stove, a torch, umbrella and containers of sugar, milk and tea. He pulled the temple up to the coconut and restarted the punishing process." Trevor Fishlock - "After Gandhi"

viLi aparAtam is the second movement of paNi intiyA.

Music & images : Jean Piché

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