This is a four part series of "Summer in Japan" film by frenzyproductionsmeida.

Shots were done on a Canon T2i with a 50mm 1.8 lens and 28-135 IS USM lens.

The locations were based out of the Kansai Japan region. My THEME of the film is to pair each city with an element of life.

1)The first short
WIND - was shot in KYOTO around one of my favourite shrines FUSHIMI INARI TAISHA. Kyoto has so much history that it is truly magnificent to learn and discover Asian influences, from Samurais to Geishas to traditional culture.

2)The second short
WATER - was shot in KOBE. Kobe is one of Japan`s famous port town areas. There are lots of beautiful views around the harbour and you can relax watching the sunset.

3)The third short
EARTH - was shot in NARA. Nara is famous for the BIG BUDDHA temple (Todaiji) in Nara Park. Around the beautiful scenery there are wild deer roaming the streets among the tourists and locals. They are very tamed and become very popular among tourists as you can pet them.

4)The fourth short
FIRE - was shot in OSAKA. Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan and is my current place of living. I live here with my wife Kazuha, and we both love this city. Our favourite part of Osaka is the wild atmosphere it brings. I chose FIRE for Osaka because one of their most famous shows during the year are firework festivals. The most popular among young Japanese is the YODOGAWA FIREWORKS.

I edited all shots in FCPX, and used MOTION for lower thirds and fonts. I used Neumann Films Music to help set the mood of my film.

My wife and I went on a 1month trip around Kansai Japan to film different parts of Japanese summer. Things I learned throughout this experience:
1) It was a great experience to learn how to work as a team and how to listen to each other for suggestions and criticism.
2) Keep shooting. No shot is bad. You will learn more and more about framing and composing shots etc.
3) Make sure to bring lots of water ESPECIALLY DURING JAPANESE SUMMERS!!

Here is a location google map of all locations used to film the videos:

Overall, this was a great experience between me and my wife. We just got married and shooting video of great scenery has strengthened our bond and communication. For that I am very grateful for Neumann Films to host such a Film contest.

Thank you

Luke Neumann, Al Delcy, Marika Neumann, Scotty Davis, Guilherme Mazorra, Dave Dugdale, Pete Dryden, Mike Gentilini Jr., Zeke Kamm, and Kyle Hart.

I hope you enjoy the film as much as we did. We hope to continue bringing new cultural films of Japan to YOU in the future.


Dave and Kazuha

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