Down the Road is a part-improvised comedy that joins two friends on a very British road-trip.
When an old college friend suddenly passes away, estranged friends, Terry and Mark, reunite to pay their respects. But with the funeral not quite living up to the big college reunion they'd hoped for, Terry, the cocky, loud mouthed salesman sees an opportunity for a weekend away and convinces his reluctant friend, Mark, to leave behind the city and their mounting problems and take advantage of the open road.
As their friendship and mechanical skills are put to the test the haphazard pair embarks on a journey that finds them chatting up ramblers, hitch-hiking with a taxidermist, and wrestling with nature...possibly for the last time.

The Story of Down The Road

Down The Road is the feature film debut from co-writer/directors Rob Reed and Aidan Synnott, devised with and starring Steve Marsh.
Rob and Aidan have been producing their own homemade, self-financed comedy short films since 2008 and have enjoyed success at various film festivals and competitions. Their debut short film won a Raindance award in 2008 and more recently they won the Best Sketch award at the 2012 CoFilmic Festival.
Wanting a new challenge and inspired by the no-frills approach of filmmakers such as Shane Meadows and the Duplass brothers, in 2011 they set out to write, direct, and produce their first independent feature.
Their aim was to not only tell the best story they could with the resources available, but also to push and challenge themselves on every level whilst maintaining their can-do, DIY approach.
Rather than being deterred by the limitations that so many first-time filmmakers are faced with, they focused their efforts on what they knew they could control. They wrote and developed a script that would be intimate and personal, and one that could be executed on an incredibly small budget using the latest technology that they could afford or borrow.
To keep costs down the film was shot in a very short time frame and relied heavily on the generosity, skill and talent of friends, colleagues and professionals who made up the small cast and crew.
Down The Road was shot over seven days on location in London and Wales. The total production budget was £5000.


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