This series, we believe, is unique in it’s vision and development. It’s not a course, per se, but moreover a humanities series to give you a sense of all aspects of the Cherokee ways and traditions. As the series develops, you will be exposed to experts, elders, statesmen and women, and Cherokee National Living Treasures as they discuss history, psychology, and culture from preEuropean contact to modern times.
This is the inaugural year for this series so our consideration is greatly appreciated. ©2013 Cherokee Nation
Mission: Collect, preserve, archive, and share all things pertaining to Cherokee language and culture. Our intent is to present multiple perspectives on subject matter, comparing and contrasting in order to allow you to interpret the facts. It will never be our intent to politicize subject matters, nor be haphazard with closely held,
culturally sensitive subject matters. Each video will be previewed by many trusted elders in order to maintain our integrity, as well as the trust placed in our stewardship with regards to such artifacts.
We want to show you locations where our history was made; interview elders, statesmen, and Cherokee Treasures, so that you have the opportunity to hear and see firsthand what our culture values.

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