A brave cinematic modern-dance film that explores three unexpected female body types in motion through the eyes of a young girl.

"Qualia" is a Graduate Thesis film produced under USC's School of Cinematic Arts that will premiere in December of 2013. With access to cutting edge technology and astounding creative resources, the project aims to bring something new to the realm of filmmaking. Overseen by award winning faculty and creative professionals, our team will receive unparalleled feedback, mentorship and guidance from beginning to end.

With a diverse group of filmmakers who bring succinct and relevant perspectives, this dance film will showcase breakthrough conceptions about current approaches to the moving body. Crossing the realm of dance, art, and alternative ideas about beauty, we seek to create something fresh and exhilarating.

Young Girl: Toccoa Willow
1st Dancer: Nikki Eads
2nd Dancer: Wendy Rogers
3rd Dancer: Karen Pilz
Ballet Dancers: Alexandra Izdebski and Eva Ye

Written and Directed by: Alex Gabrielli
Produced and Choreographed by: Alex Gabrielli and Rachel Holdt
Cinematography by: Matthew Halla and Guan Xi
Edited by: Hannah Phenicie
1st AD: Ricky Faust
Production Design: Lauren Rodriguez
Gaffer: Will Akana
1st AC: Eva Ye
Production Sound: Tyler Evans, Arun Narayanan, Alex Cress and Alexandra Izdebski
Grip: Joey Lovell,
Wardrobe: Krista Olafson
Studio Teacher: Stella Pacific Management
USC Thesis Advisor: Michael Fink and Bob Jones

Music by Jacaszek

Please help out the film project by making any sort of contribution:

Coming December 2013!

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