LIS "LIve It Stoked" Interview With Skate Boarding Legend Tony Alva

This summer we had the pleasure and the honor of meeting and connecting with the legendary Tony Alva!
A true Lord of Dogtown... thrill seeker, master and creator of vertical skateboarding and a true life and experience teacher to all of us globally,
Tony has mastered the art and flow of change for the "Self" mastering a vision of awareness and equanimity.

After many years of global travel, thrill seeking, ramp, pool and vertical skating and fame, Tony hit a low point in his life with addiction. He has transformed, sought change and direction and now leads a TRUELY STOKED LIFESTYLE combining positive thinking, STOKED energy, surfing and skating and a spiritual process in his new way of life!
We hope you enjoy this interview with Tony as we certainly did, and see that you CAN transform, create & over come life's obstacles and challenges with POSiTIVE STOKED thinking, expression and action!
Right on Tony!

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