Johnny Schillereff was left with two choices: either turn a struggling brand around, or abandon the project altogether and start something entirely new.

Element was the antithesis of the industry and misunderstood. Through hard work, imagination and determination, the wind began blowing a dream team of individuals in Element's direction; and the tree began to grow.

MAKE IT COUNT is a four-part documentary, which showcases Element’s defining moments and delves into its compelling story. From its humble beginnings, to a forward thinking global brand, this film covers two decades of stories and imagery.

In creating Chapter 3 of 4, "FIRE" Kirk Dianda (Director) interviewed Johnny Schillereff, Donny Barley, Steve Douglas, Mike Vallely along with a huge cast of influential characters. Through the interviews, Element's defining moments of its early history and influence are explained, all the while historical footage and iconic images are used to tell the story.

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