one-act play in four scenes
for soprano, baritone, string orchestra and live electronics
freely adapted from homonymous work of H. Purcell

choreography and directed Francesca La Cava
text and original music Stefano Taglietti e Roberta Vacca

"It takes more courage to forget to remember."
Sören Kierkegaard

DIDO & AENEAS is full of allegories that lead us to reflect on the problems of contemporary life and human relations. It 'a journey back in time ..... you pays attention to the feelings and instincts of man: Eros, creative and positive energy, you need to create and obtain joy and pleasure and Thanatos, negative and destructive energy, need to destroy, kill and relive the experiences of sadness and pain.
DIDO & AENEAS is the constant search for a dialogue between two characters, a confrontation of identities through the symbolism which they themselves represent. Their path is marked by the events of the Virgil ‘s work divided into four scenes: Meeting –Exchange – Conflict – Separation. The frequent exchange of roles underlines the contemporary and topical nature of the subject matter together with the endless search for a difficult yet not impossible means of communication. The two characters try to reach each other on an intellectual plane through an exhange of roles showing their fragility as well as their personal strengths. Dido and Aeneas are both looking for poetics, an idea of beauty and a superior plane on which to meet. Yet the presence of external forces beyond their natural inner urges, which are often repressed, contribute towards their lack of communication. The two characters, extrapolated from any temporal frame of reference represent a moment in which fear and diffidence towards the different is often greater than the desire to meet each other.
directed: Francesca la Cava
choreography: Francesca La Cava in collaboration with the performers
text and original music: Stefano Taglietti/Roberta Vacca
musical ensemble: I Solisti aquilani (or other musical ensemble)
conductor: Federico Paci
soprano: Maria Elena Romanazzi
baritone: Leonardo Galeazzi
performers: Anna Basti, Mariella Celia, Flaminio Galluzzo, Francesca La Cava and Davide Sportelli
scenes: Chiara Defant
costumes: Santarella and Francesca La Cava
lighting design: Stefano Pirandello
project manager: Annarita Rossi
photo and video: Alessandro Petrini

Production: GRUPPO e-MOTION with contribution of the "Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage", the "Region of Abruzzo and the City of L’Aquila.
co-production: Società Aquilana dei Concerti B. Barattelli, I Solisti Aquilani
partner: Santarella

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