HD! youtube deleted this (in my opinion) "epic" mep because of the song.. n.n
if someone change their channels or something like that, then sorry.. or if you see the mep here, you can tell me and i'll write it afterwards.
(on youtube)

01: gabber1991md
02: thelukass
03: ForazZora (ME (AkumaHolic)
04: adrax3
05: theunnown665
06: avatarkid4
07: gassozzi
08: ikutoxfloraxsasuke
09: xxsaske121xx
10: swallowmadness
11: killthefuture42 (weltkrieg42)
12: deathjoker00x
13: 67theshadown
14: ccvipercc
15: mrxcaliibur
16: kaisersorzer
17: allen (DrakeEnt)
18: kurowona
19: shirakuzo
Outro: Allen (DrakeEnt)

the " Vortex MEP " was.. Hosted by: deathjoker00x

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