August 2013 • East Kalimantan, INDONESIA

Kakaban island is part of the Derawan Islands. It is one of the only two unique places on Earth where one can swim with countless stingless jellyfish living in the centre of the island. The perimeter of the marine lake is surrounded by mangroves and the water is murky - hence the poor visibility.

Thousands of years ago, Kakaban was probably uplifted and sea water was trapped along with these jellyfish, turning the area into a landlocked marine lake. There are four different species of jellyfish in Kakaban. All of which have lost their natural defense system because of the lack of major predators in the lake.

MUSIC • Aurora by Aurora

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Filmed and edited by Wisnu Widjaja
Shot using GoPro HD HERO 2 with Dive Housing
Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
Graded using Adobe After Effects

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