These are some test clips combining some night-sky timelapses with StarStax software. It's super easy to use, including manual settings for "comet trails" of various lengths, as well as exposure adjustments. It's a great little tool to help spice up a production. Like anything, I'm sure you can overuse it. Next test for me: how will this work with other subjects, like a backlit snowflake, carbonated water, cityscapes.... We'll see.

Capture gear: Canon 5D Mark II and III, 35mm 1.4L, 16-35mmL, CANON TC-80N3 INTERVALOMETER

5D3 Settings: 3200K, ISO 2500, 10 sec exposures at f4

Rendered out in Premiere Pro CS6

Music: Stellardrone, "Belt of Orion" on Invent the Universe.

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