Last month, early on a sunny LA morning, Alan Roxburgh sat with Eddie in his office and had a wonderful conversation with him about the book and what he is observing about the church in the Western world just now. Right after that interview.

Eddie was born and grew up in the UK where he served in the Anglican Church as well as working for many years with the Bible Society in the areas of church growth and church development. I must confess my own delight at watching Eddie’s eyes light up with mischief and delight as the talks about the strange ways of God. He is telling my friends that it is among the dowdy Anglicans and Methodists in the UK that we see the Spirit at work re-shaping communities in mission for the kingdom. One suspects that after reading what Eddie has to say about this in churchmorph some of these gurus who’ve been telling us all the institutional, organized church is over will probably be writing books about the rediscovery of the church among the denominations.

In the first video of our conversation with Eddie, you will catch the flavor of Eddie’s grace, insight and wonderful perspectives on the church all around us. He is amazingly networked and lives inside the narratives of so many different types and styles of churches. He isn’t caught and beguiled by style and form nor is he caught up in false dichotomies.

Read the book - it's worth your attention.

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