1. Paul (2011)
00:04 - ”Fleshy Eyes Rig” (shots)
00:18 - ”Fleshy Eyes Rig Demo” (rig)
Contribution: Fleshy-Eyes portion of the eye rig.

2. John Carter (2012)
00:29 - ”Character FX” (shots)
Contribution: Character FX for all CG creatures shown in these shots (Tars, White-Ape, Tal).

3. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)
00:43 - ”Satellite Rig” (shots)
00:50 - ”Satellite Rig Walk-Through” (rig)
Contribution: Entire Satellite rig including generation of python scripts to handle rig updates for the heavy geometry model (~4.8 Million polygons).

4. Ender’s Game (2013)
01:13 - ”Automatic Thruster Rigs” (shots)
01:17 - ”Rig Test with Procedural Animation” (rig)
Contribution: Development of the automatic thruster rigs as well as python build scripts to set up over 100 instances inside the main shuttle rig.

5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
01:23 - ”Little Robot Rigs” (shot)
Contribution: Rigs for the self-assembling Golden Army fragments (little robots).
01:33 - ”Interactive Animation UI Builder” (tech demo)
Contribution: The tool has been built upon the freely available abxPicker v1.0.0 by A. Burke. The abxPicker code corresponds to less than 10% of the current tool. Some of the added features include introduction of an Edit-Mode with interactive manipulation of all UI properties via bi-directional drag & drop or selection based, pixel-accurate editing of all UI-elements (nudge, distribution and mirror tools), support for images and slider groups, the storage of UI-data as external XML files as well as layered user-modes (supervisor / animator), which allow animators to add UI-elements on top of production approved layouts.
Programming Languages: Python, MEL

6. Prince of Persia (2010)
02:22 - ”Digi Double & Prop Rigs” (shots)
Contribution: Digi Double Rig of Dastan (in collaboration with the rigging lead) as well as prop rigs (Dastan’s belt, parts of the clothing).

7. Happy Feet (2006)
02:37 - ”Generic Emperor Skinning” (shots)
Contribution: Skinning of the generic penguins following strict design specifications.

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