Holy procession for data security and the preservation of earthly freedom and alternative cultures!

With a solemn and cheerful following, guided by Yaneq, the "pontiff of the Church of Phonk", the artist duo Various & Gould delivered four of their modern saints, for help and protection at certain locations in Berlin, such as the BND construction site (German Federal Intelligence Service) and the sold and vacated former Kunsthaus Tacheles.
#HolyHelpers – A performance by Various & Gould: variousandgould.com/
In Collaboration with Yaneq: party-arty.de/

Camera, edit, film production by Andreas Lamoth, Frederic Leitzke and Thomas Nees: editudepictures.de/

Live music by Jakob und Joshi: mrs-winterbottom.de/
Photography by Just: 1just.de/

Many thanks to:
Christoph Wesche
Open Walls Gallery: openwallsgallery.com/
Alexandra Kiesel: alexandra-kiesel.de/
Neurotitan: neurotitan.de/
and to all the followers for their support!!!

Phonk! Phonk!

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