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This short film was part of the competition organized by Robert Rodriguez for his Grindhouse feature "Planet Terror". The point was to make a (very)-low-budget trailer for a grindhouse movie that didn't exist :)
Grindhouse movies mostly come from the 70s, and were known for their poor acting, cheap effects, and for using mostly drugs, sex and extreme violence. This trailer had to be a tribute to the genre !

This is the entry of my friend Rick James and I, called "Hell Hath No Fury" !

This is the story of a lesbian nun who is kicked-out of her convent, and seeks revenge after the death of her lover !

We had a lot of fun doing it, in a very short amount a time (about one week!). It was shot with a Canon XL2, in January 2007 in Prague. All the people worked on it for free, and we had to pull a lot of favors to be able to use all the props, locations, costumes and so on, but we are happy with the result hehe

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