Hið Stóra í Hinu Smáa (The great in the small)
Part 2 of the triptych "Núna"

Camera cinematography, editing: Sjoerd de Vos
Music: Peter Johan Nijland

This film is dedicated to Herdís Andrésdottir, Icelandic poet (1858 - 1939).
She wrote an Icelandic epic song “Upptiningur” about the beauty of nature and finding greatness in her small forms and tiny appearances.

Núna is a humble portrait of Iceland filmed as an artistic impression accompanied by a truly fit soundtrack composed for this project. Only nature and some traces of civilization speak in this triptych of three short films:

Fylgja, a brief introduction to the vast Icelandic nature.
Hið Stóra í Hinu Smáa, shows the greatness of nature in her large and small appearances.
Núna, shows the underworld, mankind and the world of gods and heroes. From the centre of it all: the now.

Each film can be seen independently and tells its own story. Enjoy!

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